How to Invite Users and Manage their Progress.

Adding users to your group is a simple process.

  • There are a few different methods that may be easier depending on the number of users/seats you are trying to invite to your group.
  • From the My Company page, you will see a drop down that shows your currently selected group, and the available seats left in your group. You can also change the name of your group by clicking the Gear Icon in the upper right corner.
  • Scrolling down you will see your current users in the selected group. As well as the ability to enroll new users, see reports / progress of your users, and your group code.

  • Clicking on the Enroll New User tab will allow you to be able to manually add users.
  • The system will then email the user and require them to create their account.
  • Then they will be able to automatically join into the group and see the courses you have shared with your users.
  • If you have multiple users, you may use the Upload Users button. This will allow you to upload a CSV / List of users to your invites.

  • The report tab will show you the progress of your users for the selected group.

  • The group code function allows for the Admin to create a group code for users to automatically join if they have already created an account on OSHACompliancePlan. 
  • If they have not already created an account, it will then require the user to create an account before being able to enter in the group code.

  • When Generating a Group Code, you may use any code, or automatically generate one using the generate button.
  • You can set a desired time frame for your code to be valid, after this time the code will become unusable. This is a safety feature to ensure that users are not giving out codes and using up your Credits / Seats.

  • To remove a user from the group, you must contact customer support. This is to ensure authenticity of users to seats and to prevent hot swapping students.